I teach a variety of seminars around the world for MobilityWOD and StrongFirst. Here is a current list of dates with links to sign up:

June 29, 2019- MWOD Performance, Andalusia, AL

August 25, 2019- MWOD Performance, San Rafael, CA

October 6, 2019- MWOD Performance, Las Vegas, NV

October 12-13- MWOD 102 Coaches Course, Long Island City, NY

November 16, 2019- MWOD Performance, Oakland Park, FL

The Squat Workshop

This half day workshop covers the finer points of squatting efficiently and will simplify your view of squatting and teaching squatting. We will cover back, front, and overhead squats and split stance work and heavy carries and how it all fits together to improve your performance. You will train hard all day, so be ready!

June 15, 2019- The Squat Workshop, Bismarck, ND

Looking for private group seminars? Email me, drjewett07@gmail.com. 

The Bench and Shoulder Workshop

This workshop will cover the finer points of efficiency in the bench press and work on developing overall strength, power, and stability of the shoulder girdle.

June 15, 2019- The Bench and Shoulder Workshop, Bismarck, ND

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